Mum and Ruari… arrived into my life during a quiet time of pause. Weddings were small and restricted and for the more part postponed until a brighter day. My email reply was ‘yes, I’d love to join you sand your family for you small Donegal wedding,…Downings village, even better, I have a caravan about a mile from you…. oh, and thanks, I really needed this right now …’

I have beautiful memories from this day, stories and images I will cherish and recall whenever I am in a quiet place. These two magical people arrived into my life and will always hold a place in my heart.

We met at their home, just by the pier in Downings village. Ruiari swam in the wintery Atlantic, Mumi toasted to health and the future with her brother and sisters and Ruari’s parents. It was serene, so peaceful, so calming. We traveled across the Donegal hills to the wedding ceremony in Letterkenny, where the most gentle soul Florence welcomed and hosted us and celebrated their wedding vows.

Downings and the Rosguil Peninsula has many beautiful hidden treasures along it’s landscapes. We chose a small rocky beach on the Atlantic where we sheltered from the east wind and made some memories. The colours were vibrant and alive, it was like the world was reminding us of the simple beauty we might often take from granted. It was cold but ideal for wedding photos. Right there on the hills overlooking the wide landscape I do believe I was the happiest photographer in the world, it had been too long away from what I love the most, the scenes were beautiful, Mumi and Ruari were so joyful, high on life, so in love.

2020, 2021, a time of pause, a time when we stayed at home and waited and wondered and hoped. Also a time when I was privilged to photograph some of the most memorable and healing wedding days of my life. I feel immense gratitude and love when I see these photos.

Thank you Mumi and Ruari, my friends…


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